How Do You Determine What Bills to Pay if Money isn’t Coming in?

STATEWIDE — For Americans facing uncertain financial times, they may be trying to decide what payments are essential, and which ones might be able to be put off.

First, Kentuckians facing layoffs or job loss due to the coronavirus are encouraged to apply for unemployment. When it comes to critical services like power and heat, the Kentucky Public Service Commission has ordered all investor-owned utilities – like LG&E – to suspend disconnections. We also spoke with Julia King, a Louisville debt advisor, who said help is out there during this time, and the most important step in the process is picking up the phone and calling companies to whom you owe money.

“If they avoid it and just try to hide from it, instead of facing it, they’re gonna wind up with foreclosures and their car’s being repoed,” King said. “But if they make that proactive call and say, ‘Hey, we’re out of work and we don’t know how long it’s gonna be until I get a paycheck,’ then they’re going to be able to keep their home, their car, and the payments are being deferred.”

Governor Andy Beshear, D-Ky, has also ordered suspending evictions during this period. If you have questions about your utilities, The Kentucky Public Service Commission has a consumer assistance hotline 800-772-4636 or you can send them an email.