Beshear Signs Bill to Fund Bowling Green Veteran Center

FRANKFORT, Ky. — Governor Andy Beshear signed House Bill 24 into law Tuesday. 

The bill allocates $2.5 million to the Kentucky Department of Veterans’ Affairs for the design and reconstruction costs for the Bowling Green Veterans Center, which will be a long-term skilled nursing care facility. 

This was one of the first bills to pass this session.

“That means it was one of the first pieces was able to sign into law as governor, and I can’t imagine a more fitting bill and a more fitting project to be one of the first,” Beshear said. “It speaks to the hard work, and it speaks to Kentucky’s commitment to our veterans”

Bill sponsor Michael Meredith, R-Oakland, celebrated the signing of the measure something he’s been working on for five years. 

“There is almost no satisfaction like that of knowing the veterans of south-central Kentucky—the men and women who have risked everything in service of our nation—will soon have a nursing home close to family and friends,” he said.”

Construction is expected to begin on the center this year–with hopes of having construction completed within two years.