Kentucky Barber and Other Independent Contractors Relieved by Unemployment Decision

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — Governor Andy Beshear announced Wednesday self-employed Kentuckians and independent contractors can now file for unemployment benefits. It’s a benefit normally not afforded to these groups.  

Shake Rag Barber Shop in Bowling Green was profitable and looking to expand,  welcoming new customers and hiring new barbers. But the virus changed all of that. The shop is locked up for an unforeseen amount of time and owner Chris Page says it’s the perfect time to reevaluate what emergency savings should look like.

“Once you come out of this you need to lengthen your emergency fund may be from maybe a month or two to maybe three to six months. So this has caused us to kind of slow down and reevaluate our lives as barbers beauticians and braiders”. says Page. 

Page has been able to spend more time with his family. Helping with homework, enjoying family dinners and incorporating a daily movie night that he hopes will stay for good. 

“We have movie night every night now and, we haven’t hadn’t that in a while because of curfews and school, so every night we watch a movie we’re teaching our kids about some of our you know African American history so I’m learning so much and I’m hoping to implement and keep on to some of these things even when the virus passes,” says Page. 

While Page looks forward to movie nights and walks with his family, he was relieved to hear Governor Beshear’s plan to include those who are self-employed and independent contractors in the qualifying group of unemployment.  Page was able to file immediately giving him extra reassurance that things would be okay. 

While the White House continues to prepare a relief package for everyone, Page says that we have to stay cooperative and confident so we can return to a strong community.

“This will pass and one day we can get back to being profitable not only economically but socially and spiritually as well,” says Page. 

If you need to file or have questions, you can go to, the official site set up by the governor.