Friday’s Coronavirus Task Force Briefing

WASHINGTON, DC — Here are the highlights from President Donald Trump’s Friday Coronavirus Task Force briefing. 


  • Trump again says New York’s estimate of ventilator need is too high
  • In today’s Coronavirus Task Force Briefing, Donald Trump said he doesn’t believe New York will need between 30-40,000 ventilators, calling the estimate “high, too high”
  • He claimed New York had received thousands and thousands of ventilators but didn’t know they had them. No evidence that is true. Governor Cuomo has said they are stockpiling ventilators for when they’re needed.
  • Trump said more than 100,000 ventilators will be produced in the next 100 days when 29,000 a year are normally produced
  • He said he is being asked by the U.K. and Italy for ventilators, and he will help them out with the new supplies being built
  • He talked about invoking the Defense Production Act against GM, saying he thought he had a deal with GM, but they didn’t agree. “Now they agree,” he said.
  • He announced that Peter Novarro, now Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, had been appointed National Defense Production Act Coordinator, working with the Department of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services on equipment production
  • He said he wouldn’t call Governors who haven’t been “appreciative”, like Jay Inslee in Washington State and Gretchen Whitmer, who he called “that woman in Michigan”
  • He said he will use the full authority of the U.S. government to get equipment made
  • He announced the signing of the $2.2 trillion relief bill today, calling it the largest ever signed
  • He said it would save millions of jobs, extend a lifeline to families and workers, “Americans of every race and color”
  • Said he spoke to the CEO of Boeing, which will be producing and donating thousands of face shields a week.
  • He said Boeing offered the use of their largest cargo planes to deliver heavy equipment and large quantities of supplies
  • Trump said he authorized the Department of Defense and Homeland Security to activate ready reserve components of the Armed Forces, including retirees.
  • He said they’re working on vaccines, therapeutics, and cures, and getting “a good response”