Uncharted territory for police across the U.S: Enforcing social distancing

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Police departments across the U.S. are taking a lead role in enforcing social distancing rules that health officials say are critical to containing COVID-19. Officers accustomed to chasing suspects and solving crimes are spending these troubled days cajoling people to stay at least 6 feet apart. 

In New York City, they’ve started dismantling basketball hoops to prevent people from gathering. In Lakewood, New Jersey, police broke up a wedding being held in violation of a ban on large gatherings. 

In Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear has set up a hotline so people can report businesses and other places they see large crowds

Louisville Mayor has closed playgrounds and remove basketball goals at city parks. Gov. Beshear praised him for this.

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Beshear orders all non-life sustaining businesses with in-person traffic to close

Indiana governor is also implementing a number of drastic changes as their numbers continue to be above Kentucky numbers.

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And in Austin, Texas, officers are encouraging people to call a hotline to snitch on violators of the city’s stay-home order.

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