Walton Mayor Explains Foul Language Social Rant

WALTON, Ky. — A Kentucky mayor’s Facebook post is making the headlines.

Gabe Brown, the mayor of Walton, has the same messages as Governor Andy Beshear, D-Kentucky, but uses a different tone and tactic.  

“Well, I originally tried to put out some information. It was during the Governor’s daily press conference,” Brown said

He said in a post on Facebook he was accused of fear-mongering after he wrote about a confirmed case in Northern Kentucky. Brown responded with a foul-language filled rant on a neighborhood group page that went viral. 

“I guess I popped my lid there, a little bit. I lost my cool. You know it got to a point I was tired of defending myself as far as the validity of my information I flew off the handle I guess,” Brown said.

In the post, Brown says “I’m tired of COVID-19 conference calls”.

“Probably not a good look for myself. Probably not the look that my residents would like to see from their mayor, for that, I’m a little sorry. But sometimes you know you reach a breaking point,” Brown said.

Ultimately, Brown said he wants people to take the coronavirus seriously and wouldn’t mind getting his sports back.

“I’m going to take a more proactive approach here but I’m going to let the Governor handle the updates from here on out. He does a better job I think,” Brown said.

More than 4,000 people have seen Brown’s post and almost that many have shared it.  The mayor says he’s sorry for his choice of words.