Patients Turn to Telehealth Options During COVID-19 Crisis

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The coronavirus pandemic has healthcare providers and patients innovating new ways to make sure their needs are served.

One of those news ways is through the expansion of telehealth.

Eric Flener was quick to sign up for telehealth sessions with ProRehab in Louisville. He feared that his should recovery would be severely impacted by COVID-19 concerns.

“I was concerned about missing even longer stretches of time because I was fearful of that setting me back in my recovery.”

Jill Stump is the clinic director at ProRehab in Middletown. She said they are trying to find every avenue possible to give their patients the care they need that fits them.

“A lot of patients have had some surgeries delayed because of this pandemic, we’re trying to give them different ways to manage their pain so they don’t resort to opioids.”

The patient portal is HIPAA compliant. Stump said it still provides face to face interaction that helps demonstrates the proper exercise forms but also maintains the trust the patient has with their provider.

“We interact with the patient pretty normally like we would in the clinic and go through some assessments with them even run through some of the exercises with them and make sure they are doing well at home.”

Stump said patients don’t need to have access to gym equipment. She had Flener make use of everyday household items that can be reliable substitutes for weights.

She wants people out there who have had their surgeries delayed or are suffering from chronic pain to look into telehealth options.

“If they are having any type of pain, know that the are available to them whether if they are in an emergency situation here in person or if they are at home, that we are there for them.”