The Congregation and the Baseball Team: Tag Teaming to Help Seniors

DANVILLE, Ky. – Immanuel Baptist Church has rallied its congregation since the coronavirus pandemic to “be the church”. This means finding creative ways to help those who have been the most impacted by the health crisis.

“I hope they know that people are there for them and encouraging them,” said Olivia Kitts, a volunteer with the Lexington church. “ There’s always good going in the darkness that’s a light to shine through all of that.”

On Saturday, members of Immanuel Baptist Church and the West Jessamine Baseball Team went to Arnold Tower in Danville, a 55+ complex, and provided lunch.

Grayson Hellard said he knew the residents in the 65-unit complex have to take extra precautions because of their high risk for coronavirus.

“These people really can’t go out anymore,” said Hellard. “It’s really hard for them to get meals, so we’re just helping them out.”

Kitts and other members of her church community have done a lot of good. They’ve visited Lexington hospitals and nursing homes to provide some food and friendly gestures to remind them they’re not alone in these times.

The parades, as well as the lunch and dinner deliveries, wouldn’t be possible without community support and donations.

“I think it’s a way that people can come together and be more of a community,” said Kitts.