Actress Jennifer Garner Asks Kentucky Legislature for Funding

FRANKFORT, KY. — The Kentucky statehouse had a big name visitor Monday. 

Actress Jennifer Garner stopped by Frankfort on behalf of Save the Children. 

The public-private partnership helps more than 27,000 Kentucky children have better access to early childhood education and services. 

The Kentucky program is one of the most robust in the country. 

Garner was asking the legislature to allocate more funding for the organization. 

“We are here as always with smiles on our faces looking for more funding because our numbers here are so phenomenal our success here it encourages us as we fight through the slog state by state,” Garner said on the Senate floor. “We always point back to Kentucky because the kids here are gorgeous, they are eager to learn, they come from they have trouble like kids where I grew up in West Virginia but man, they have grit and heart.”

Garners says they can match $12.50 for every dollar the legislature allocates them. 

Around 500 Kentuckians are employed through Save the Children.