First Responders Adapt as Coronavirus Spreads Across Rural Communities

SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. — Each day the number of confirmed coronavirus cases increases, not only across the country but also in Kentucky.

First responders have been prepared. But now more questions arise about COVID-19 as it spreads in most communities. 

“We know we were going to find cases and we expected to find additional cases as we build capacity in Kentucky,” said Dr. Crystal Miller, public health director at WEDCO Health Department.

WEDCO stands for W.E Davis Counties. The name is from Dr. W. E Davis who contributed health efforts in Harrison, Scott, Nicholas and Bourbon Counties. 

More confirmed cases mean the coronavirus is spreading at a rapid rate. Miller says she’s seen it first hand.

“Harrison County is connected to, it’s right next to Scott County,” Miller said. “And so we began doing more and more education. We had been preparing on the public health side and with our first responders for months, but it’s not real until it hits your community.”

Miller is traveling to various first responder stations in her area to answer questions.

Early this March Harrison County became the first in the state with a confirmed case. This week, at least one patient tested positive in neighboring Scott County.

“What we found is that’s when people are really paying attention,” Miller said. “Although they have a baseline knowledge of what they should be doing, it’s not real until you get your first case in your community and then, the questions, the depth of the questions surface.”

Miller said as the testing capacity in the state increases, more positive cases of COVID-19 will surface.