‘There’s nothing that can replicate Indiana basketball.’ High school coaches make instructional videos

There’s a love for high school basketball in Indiana that few places can match.

“There’s nothing that can replicate Indiana basketball,” Silver Creek head boys basketball coach Brandon Hoffman said. 

“What can we do to still keep basketball relevant and maybe help some of these kids of all ages stay active and stay healthy,” Hoosier Hills Hoops publisher Matt Denison said.

The answer in Southern Indiana is daily instructional videos aimed at all skill levels that can teach basic fundamentals and skills at home. Hoosier Hills Hoops, Big X Sports Radio and Floyd County Parks and Recreation partnered with 15 coaches to produce them for 15 straight days.

They started on March 28, with a new one being posted each day at 9 a.m. on the Hoosier Hills Hoops social media accounts.

“It’s given kids something that they can work on, whether it be in the driveway or in the basement or if they’ve got a goal, even better,” New Albany head boys basketball coach Jim Shannon said.

“It gets them off the couch, gets them off the Xbox and gets them off their phone,” Hoffman said.

The benefits aren’t limited to the players.

“I like to get out on the court too.” Hoffman said. “I got way more out of it from watching the other coaches,” Shannon said.

“A lot of coaching is stealing ideas,” Hoffman said. “It’s always a special tweak of something that we’ve seen before.”

And they go across state lines.

“Other coaches across the state or other places say, ‘Matt, those videos show why basketball is so good at your area because I learned things as a coach watching those,’” Denison said.

“We’re trying to reach any child that loves basketball, wants to get out there and improve their game,” Shannon said.

As well as move beyond basketball.

“Like it or not, this is the situation we’re in and this is a great chance for them to get better,” Hoffman said.

“We’re not really on separate teams in this endeavor,” Shannon said. “We’re all on one team.”

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