Families Affected by Crime Discuss Solutions with Senator Rand Paul

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — 93 people were murdered in Louisville in 2019, according to the Attorney General for the Western District of Kentucky. On Monday, a group of professionals, activists, and victims’ families came together to speak with Republican Senator Rand Paul about what can be done to keep trauma away from Kentucky children.

Local activist Christopher 2X wrote a report and delivered it to Paul back in December, spurring the forum. In it, he cited Louisville Metro Police Department data that recorded more than 4,500 reports of gunshots across the city between January 2018 and June 2019. 

Speakers at the forum included clinical psychologists, FBI agents, and victims of recent gun-related deaths; like the Gwynns, whose son, Christian, was the 93rd murder last year. They say their other children are terrified to live in their neighborhood or even go outside.

 “We just want it to stop, we want the gun violence to end,” Krista Gwynn said through tears. “We want solutions to these problems; we need help, and we want to help.”

Senator Paul said he is interested in increased activity and therapy programs for children. He would also consider recommending stiffer penalties for violent offenders to deter crime. When pressed about his strong relationship with the NRA, Paul said there is little-to-no connection between lawful firearm sales and crime. Before leaving, he said he wants to return in a couple of months to further the discussion.