Kentucky To Turn Fairgrounds Into Field Hospital

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center will be converted into a makeshift hospital with at least 2,000 beds in preparation for a surge of coronavirus patients.

Governor Andy Beshear made the announcement Thursday.

“Our goal is to be ready when the surge comes,” Beshear said. “That doesn’t mean that we wait until we don’t have enough space and then try to put this together.”

Beshear said he’s watching what’s happening in other states to get an idea of how to prepare for if and when Kentucky hospitals start getting pushed to capacity.

“And if we don’t need it, hallelujah,” Beshear said. “It means that the number of people that needed hospitalization fell within our healthcare capacity with a lot of other steps that we are taking.”

The Kentucky National Guard and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will help with construction.

Beshear did not say when the field hospital would be ready and a spokeswoman for his office said there is no more information available at this time.