NASA Administrator Comes to Kentucky to Discuss the Future

COVINGTON, Ky. – Republican Congressman Thomas Massie hosted a roundtable discussion with the NASA Administrator in Northern Kentucky on Friday.

Kentucky supplies NASA with a number products and many of those local were in attendance Friday.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine talked about the big picture plans for the agency and that includes going back to the moon in 2024 and staying for a longer time. 

“Looking at going to the moon sustainability. So what we want to do is be on the surface for long periods of time,” Bridenstine said. “We’re talking months at a time, maybe even a year or more at a time. What we’re trying to do is use the moon as a proving ground. How do we learn how to live and work in another world for long periods of time using the resources of the other world?”

The reason Massie hosted the roundtable discussion was he wanted to shed light on the role Kentucky plays in NASA operations. 

“What a lot of people don’t realize is that Kentucky and Ohio play a big role in the space program and that’s what we wanted to highlight today by bringing in Jim Bridenstine, the NASA Administrator. This was really inspiring to hear him talk, but also I think it was important to get buy-in from the people here in the region who are providers for NASA, the manufacturers.”

Bridenstine also discussed other projects that involve the agency and plans to go to Mars in the future.