How One Man Found Thousands of Masks for Kentucky

RICHMOND, Ky. — With a low amount of N95 surgical masks and respirators in the United States. Father Jim Sichko with Missionary of Mercy for Pope Francis was able to use his resources and locate 10,000 masks to donate to Kentucky. 

“I’m very grateful that through my traveling, I’ve run into people who also are not only in the medical industry but in the medical supply industry.” Father Jim Sichko said.

Through the generosity of different Kentucky businesses such as Fayette Heating and Air, Longship, Jeff Ruby’s, and individuals like Joe Minor and William Sichko, the N95 masks were able to be shipped from their location to Kentucky quickly.

“That will be only a drop in the bucket but it’s at least something good and they are destined for only the state of Kentucky for all our medical workers, all those on the front line.” Father Sichko said.

The masks will be delivered to Father Jim’s House early next week where he will hand over the masks to the Kentucky Department of Public Health for distribution.