Groups Help Translate, Distribute COVID-19 Info to Latinx Communities

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The coronavirus pandemic poses challenges for the Latinx community. 

Non-profit organizations like the La Casita Center and Adelante Hispanic Achievers are part of a team to help make sure the Latinx community is well-informed and prepared.

“I’ve seen generosity, love, and solidarity,” said Karina Barillas, the executive director for the La Casita Center. “I’m proud to be a part of the city of Louisville.”

Barillas and Dustin Bishop, the executive director for Adelante, applaud Frankfort and Louisville for having resources available but said it takes time to be able to get that information into other languages.

“Just a fact of the matter that most of the time, the critical information that is coming out, comes out in English and then it takes time for that information to be translated and distributed in other languages,” said Bishop.

It is why groups have stepped up their efforts on their websites, newsletters, and phone calls to check in with the families they serve.

Dr. Maria Fernanda Nota from Norton Children’s Medical Group has done the same to help clear up the questions her patients’ questions.

“They rely on social media, friends, family, relatives as a source of information,” said Dr. Nota. “We are trying to educate our families to visit scientific websites.”

The organizations work hard because they know that for some they cannot eligible for government or state help.

“The ones that are most affected the most are the ones that are not protected by any relief that we have currently,” said Barillas.

Leaders of the non-profits agree that information is important to keep everyone safe.

“I would tell my Latino families to stay informed,” said Dr. Nota. “The worst thing we can do on the pandemic of coronavirus is to create the pandemic of misinformation.”