Louisville Mayor Hosts Virtual Public Safety Town Hall

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — In a virtual town hall Tuesday morning, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer and other Metro leaders took questions from citizens watching online. The question and answer session centered on public safety and law enforcement, as coronavirus spreads. 

Police Chief Steve Conrad said his officers will not arrest people for violating social distancing guidelines, but can only stress the importance of people voluntarily following them. 

“We are spending a great deal of time responding to situations where people are gathering. It isn’t as if we are going to arrest people for gathering, but we are certainly doing what we can to encourage people to practice good health,” Conrad said. 

People watching seemed to express concerns over gatherings in parks. Police will urge large crowds to disband. 

“It is putting a great deal of stress on our officers. They are worried of course about doing what they can to make the city safe, keeping themselves safe in the process, which makes their wearing of personal protective gear in interactions with people that are potentially sick is very important,” Conrad responded. 

More action can be taken on people who refuse to self-isolate, however. If a person with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis refuses to self-isolate, police can get a court order to force the patient to stay at home; that’s happened, where officers station outside the home to ensure the person doesn’t leave. 

Chief Conrad also said ankle bracelets can be used to monitor those who refuse to self-isolate if needed.  

Fischer will host the next town hall on Wednesday morning at 11:00.