UPS Shipping PPE’s for FEMA

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — UPS is joining a nationwide effort getting personal protective equipment to medical staff running low on supplies because of the coronavirus outbreak. 

Working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the White House Coronavirus Task Force, UPS is chartering 25 flights to support “Project Airbridge.” 

UPS planes are expediting the shipment of PPE’s from other countries into the United States. 

“This is UPS flight 83. It just landed at WorldPort, UPS’s international air hub in Louisville Kentucky. In came in from Shanghai, China where it departed about fifteen, sixteen hours ago,” Jim Mayer of UPS Airlines says in a video provided by UPS. 

“Onboard is a full load of supplies brought in under contract for FEMA as part of Project Airbridge. We’re told that it is mostly medical gowns and face masks and nasal swabs.”

Mayer says one large UPS plane is expected to land in Louisville each day and for the next two weeks. FEMA will dictate where the supplies are shipped. Those areas deemed as “hotspots” will receive priority.

“Each one fo the huge pallets will be broken down and into smaller shipments and sent out by trucks to destinations around the country,” Mayer adds. 

In addition, UPS’ Healthcare Division has opened a massive 450-thousand square foot distribution center specifically to help FEMA to fulfill orders.