Companies Ramp Up Mask-Making Production

COVINGTON, Ky. – Now more than ever, there is an urgent need for personal protective equipment. This week Governor Andy Beshear made a call for action and companies are stepping up. Workers at Tri-State Plastics started making face shields from material they had in their facility.

“We typically don’t make products that are directly used with our consumers. A lot of them go into manufacturing and machine shops,” said Kristen Schneider, account manager.

They’re one of many businesses and individuals ramping up production to help meet demand.

“We actually just got an order of an 100,000 yesterday which was the biggest order that we’ve gotten so far,” Schneider said. “I believe that one of the hospitals who is part of that order said they are completely out right now.”

Across town in Covington, Fabulous Furs started sewing fabric masks. They donated 500 hundred of these to first responders. The city started an initiative called Masks200. They are seeking people who can sew masks.

The Housing Authority of Covington estimates at least 200 reusable masks are needed to equip staff and senior residents at an apartment complex. Schneider said in trying times, it’s important to help others.

“We had material here. A lot of us have friends and family that are in the healthcare professions. We just thought it’s the least that we can do to keep our friends and family safe along with the friends and family of our community too,” Schneider said.

Anyone interested in donating fabric masks is urged to contact the City of Covington at