Kentucky History Museum Preserving Today to Remember Coronavirus in the Future

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — As we all try to muddle through this time together the question becomes what will we remember about the pandemic? 

Will it be more family time or the feeling of not knowing when things would return to normal? 

The Frazier History Museum is in the business of preserving the past and the only way to remember the past is to save the present. Director of Community Engagement, Rachel Platt says the museum is working now so everyone will remember this pandemic in the future.

“When this started our team kind of thought how as a history museum are we going to document this?” Platt continued, “We thought the best way to do that would be to record history and that’s when we decided to collaborate with JCPS (Jefferson County Public Schools) and thought the voice of students might be the first place to start and from there it’s really expanded to other school districts and adults as well.”

The newest partner is the time capsule project is the University of Louisville. UofL has signed on as what Platt calls a preservation partner.

“So as we go on they will preserve everything that is submitted and 100 years from now when people want to look back UofL will have those collections and help preserve everything that is being submitted right now.”

Since the museum doors are closed, everything being gathered — videos, pictures, art, everything — is being submitted electronically. The number of submissions is surprising to Platt. 

“My takeaway has been seeing such beautiful humanity in a lot of it even from children to adults and how they have embraced the fact that we are really a team.”

Governor Andy Beshear has said from the beginning of the pandemic, everyone plays a role in flattening the curve. Platt says what she’s seeing from the submissions is that compassion has no age-limit.

“I think defining moments can bring out the best or the worst and I’ve seen a whole lot with young people bringing out the best in them .”

If you would like to submit something for the project you can email them to