College Admissions Adapt Measures Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — High school seniors don’t have prom or commencement ceremonies to look forward to. But college admission administrators want then to be excited about starting a new chapter in their lives — the college experience.

High school seniors who are college bound have had to adapt to the new circumstances the coronavirus pandemic created. Rylee Taylor, a Manual High school student said college admission has changed.

“A lot of orientations or tours I could’ve gone up there and seen have become virtual. Received a lot of videos, Q&As, zoom calls and stuff like that,” said Taylor.

Colleges and universities are doing their best to adapt quickly and to try to serve students any way they possibly can. Luke Hodson, the Associate Vice President of Admissions at Berea College, says his colleagues are trying to take as much pressure off of students and their families as possible.

“The world is not ending. Although, there’s a lot of uncertainty but it shouldn’t put a complete stop to a student’s college going process,” said Hodson.

Students have had to rely on virtual tours, online videos, and video calls since visiting college campuses isn’t possible due to COVID-19.

“It’s never going to be like walking through those campuses in person, but it is at least a glimpse,” said Hodson. “I would encourage families to pursue those if they can find them directly on the website.”

Several colleges moved their deadline to June 1st rather than May 1st. Taylor appreciates that her schools were offering that option to students and families, but says she’s made her choice. She’ll be attending Long Island University after she graduates. She wanted to get the ball rolling.

“I wanted to schedule classes so I can get the best ones. I knew that was where I was meant to go.”

Hodson’s advice to students and families is to be in touch with their schools and universities. The more open the communication, the less stress.

“Let the colleges and the various offices that are tasked with bringing students on board worry about the details,” said Hodson. Schools and Universities have updated their admissions pages due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Hodson recommends you look over those websites and to contact the admissions department if you have any questions.