Treyton Oaks Towers Loses Two More Residents

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Treyton Oak Towers, the retirement community in downtown Louisville, is expanding COVID-19 testing of its staff and residents.

Seven more people — six residents and one staff member — tested positive Tuesday. The seven have been moved to private rooms away from 13 other residents on the skilled nursing floor.  

“We continue to test residents who have received direct care from COVID-19 positive staff members as well as most of our staff members who have direct contact with residents,” said Administrator Mike Wideman. 

Treyton Towers also announced Tuesday, two residents who were transferred to Norton Hospital last week died. Wideman said the two were an 89-year-old woman and a 93-year-old woman who were both residents of the skilled-nursing area. 

There were 17 people transferred to Norton Hospital last week and a number of them are improving and could be released soon said, Wideman. 

59 residents and 88 staff members of Treyton Oaks have been tested since the outbreak began. 29 residents and 14 staff members have tested positive for coronavirus. 

Treyton Oaks Towers is following all federal and state public health directives including screening all employees, sanitizing facilities and restricting visitors. Public Health Commissioner, Dr. Steven Stack announced their compliance multiple times during the daily COVID-19 briefings given by Governor Andy Beshear (D-KY).