Church Gets Creative to Put Parishioners in Pews

GEORGETOWN, Ky. — The sounds of mass on a Sunday morning are no longer heard by parishioners in person. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced closed the doors of St. Francis & John Catholic Church and moved services online as it has for many other houses of worship. However, Father Linh Nguyen is getting creative so that he can still see his parishioners’ faces. Photos of church members now line the pews, until they can meet in person again. 

“So, when I look out and see all these beautiful people, it was funny. I knew I’ve been here long enough, 13 years. I know every one of them even their personality, their problem, their crosses, their joy. I even know exactly where they’re sitting. I say this is a time they have the privilege of sitting in the front row,” said Father Nguyen. 

That’s the privilege of joining a worship service via technology; everyone can enjoy a “front-row” seat. Things may look fairly normal for those watching online during this time of social distancing. However, Father Nguyen has a different perspective from inside the church. He says seeing the pictures is a comfort to him to know that the church spirit lives even in an “empty” house of worship. 

“We have so many brilliant, smart people, creative people, but now the church uses them more than ever, for the good,” he says. He hopes for spiritual victory over the coronavirus pandemic.