Kentucky Mask Clips Helps Workers On The Front lines

GEORGETOWN, Ky. — David Stephenson and Chris Larmour are both staff workers at the University of Kentucky who decided to make the most out of their time working from home by showing their support for front line workers. 

Using their 3D printers, the two created a template to produce mask clips to help those working in the front lines.

The mask clips help take tension off the workers’ ears so that they can focus on their work and be comfortable doing so. 

Larmour, a technology coordinator at UK said, “But there’s a lot of stories out there, people who basically hurt their ears all day long wearing the mask. And this helps relieve that. It’s not just for comfort, it’s actually a very necessary thing.” 

As of right now they are producing around 25-30 mask clips a day and are working to find more ways to produce more daily. 

“People out there with 3D printers that want to print these, we’re happy to share the file with Kentucky on it, so that we can get even more.” Stephenson said. 

If you would more information about the clips you can contact assistant professor David Stephenson at