Lexington Company Wants to Help You Turn on Green Lights

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Each night after announcing another Kentuckian has lost their life to coronavirus, Governor Andy Beshear asks everyone in the state to turn on a green light to show support and honor those who have died.

Now a small business in Lexington wants to get green light bulbs to every Kentuckian.

Shannon Lamp Service ordered more than 500 green bulbs and was out of them in a matter of hours. Owner David Shannon says the bulbs are free but is asking for a minimum $5 donation which will go to the Bluegrass Community Foundation Coronavirus Relief Fund. 

Shannon says the bulbs are just a small way to honor those who have been lost and those who are fighting the virus.

“Most Important is it’s showing that we’re concerned with those who are either in an ICU unit or have, in this case, have died from this coronavirus.”

The Shannons are getting another shipment of bulbs next week, but they are taking calls for pre-orders. The number to Shannon Lamp Service is (859) 255-5285.

Shannon Lamp Service is a family-owned business that has operated in Lexington since 1956. The company specializes in creating custom lamps and lampshades.