Protestors at State Capitol, But There Were Changes

FRANKFORT, Ky. — Several drivers rallied around the State Capitol Friday, honking their horns as they voice their disappointment about closures related to the coronavirus.

Scott Staley of Bowling Green said he thinks the pandemic has been overblown, and had a sign that read “**** Andy” on his dashboard.

“I feel that the dictator shouldn’t be doing that,” Staley said. “He’s only in a position because unfortunately, not myself but a lot of Republicans, crossed party lines to vote for him.”

He also worries about his wife, who has multiple sclerosis.

Staley said she can’t see a neurologist for treatment.

“So how are we supposed to weigh one person’s illness over something else?” Staley asked.

Laura Norcross of Cynthiana said the government is not responding rationally.

“I feel like it’s not really as dangerous as people think it is,” Norcross said. “It is a real disease, people are getting sick, people are dying, but I also feel like it’s getting a little bit blow out of proportion and the effects of the economy being closed could be far worse on people than a few people getting sick.”

The state put new restrictions in place around the Capitol after protests Wednesday, blocking off some of the grounds and enforcing social distancing.

But the protestors say they aren’t going away until Kentucky returns to business as usual.