Match Program Helps High Risk Neighbors During Coronavirus Pandemic

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – At Spectrum News 1, we’ve been sharing stories of how Kentuckians are coming together during the coronavirus pandemic. The Louisville COVID-19 Match Program is a true demonstration of that.

Erin Hinson started this program on March 13 to match healthy volunteers with neighbors who are at a higher risk of coronavirus complications. She never could have anticipated how fast it has grown. So far, over 200 volunteers have been matched with neighbors who could use help getting groceries and picking up prescriptions. 

On top of that, there is a rolling list of around 1,300 people who are interested in helping but are waiting to be matched. While they usually start as perfect strangers, Hinson said so many of the people in the program have built great relationships through it.

“I am humbled daily by the stories that roll in from our volunteers. The idea of intergenerational relationships, I hope it lasts far beyond this pandemic,” Hinson said.

Whether you want to volunteer or could use a little help, you can register online or by calling 502-791-7930.