The New Normal: People Plan to Change Habits Post-Pandemic

CHICAGO, Il. – The creator of TruePublic, a survey app for smartphone, is sharing insight into how young people feel about returning to “normal” once the coronavirus pandemic is over. Many people answered in the TruePublic coronavirus survey, they will not do things like attend sporting events, concerts, or movies until a vaccine is available. 

TruePublic’s creator Kaben Caulson claims his app receives 200,000 downloads and 2 million opinions from Gen Z and Millennial age groups each month. He’s now reporting that, of those who participated in the 16-35 age group, 36% won’t attend a movie theatre until a vaccine is available or long after it is; 51% won’t attend large events like Coachella or Comic-Con until then, 45% won’t attend a sporting event until a vaccine is out, and 33% shop online more now and plan to do more even after a vaccine is ready. 

“Hopefully as things start to die down with the situation, people are going to feel a little more confident about going out and spending their money in certain places,” Caulson said. “You know, we’re just measuring this information, but our hope is that people will have the opportunity to find some silver lining and possibly improve themselves after having this moment to pause which will never come again. You know it really won’t.”

Apart from the economic outlook, TruePublic also asks questions about relationships during quarantine. Caulson says responses show some strain. “What I’m concerned about is, we’re seeing peoples’ levels of anxiety, stress, depression, increase,” he adds. 

The app conitnuously poses new questions to users throughout the pandemic, to keep a pulse on how people are feeling and whether plans change based on the current coronavirus situation.