Businesses Looking to Reopen Can Send Their Plans to Governor

FRANKFORT, Ky. — More tests mean a better understanding of where Kentucky stands in the coronavirus pandemic.

“Every day that we increase our testing capacity more, and we can sustain it, is the day we’re closer to being able to do even more in our economy,” Gov. Andy Beshear said Tuesday.

Beshear and his staff are working to slowly bring business back, now allowing businesses to send reopening plans to the state for consideration.

The application website is 

The plans have to touch on several things, including social distancing, dealing with sick employees, temperature checks, and limiting travel. 

“Let me say this: Our new normal is not the old normal,” Beshear said. “Every plan has to be different from what regular operations looked like before.”

Kentucky has opened up more and more testing sites this month, including new drive-through testing sites this week, and Beshear expects the number of positive cases to rise as a result of more tests.

“And especially if we reach the point where we’re testing asymptomatic people, we would expect to see more positives,” Beshear said. “And at that point, we won’t be looking at just the overall number of new cases, we’ll be looking just as much at the rate of new cases amongst the population that we’re looking at.”

Plans could always change, but there’s still hope the economy will reopen soon, albeit slowly.