Exercising Outdoors With Social Distancing

GREENSBORO, NC — No gym? No problem!

Health experts say it is still okay to head outside and exercise as long as you practice social distancing.

According to Matthew Fortune, a clinical athletic trainer with Novant Health, some experts say the guidelines should be more extreme because you are breathing heavier.

“When you are running, go beyond six feet. They say 12 feet and even up to 25 feet. They’re still trying to figure out what that gold standard should be. I think the biggest thing is just using common sense,” Fortune said.

He said being in shape could give you an advantage when battling the virus.

“There is some research right now that’s out and is pretty new talking about how cardiovascular exercise might improve your chances if you do get COVID-19, as far as the respiratory side of things. Again, that’s still pretty new,” Fortune said.

He said indoor workouts also work. If you don’t have dumbbells, you can use household items with a little weight to them, like milk jugs and paint cans.