Feeding Kentucky’s Children

OLDHAM COUNTY, Ky. – Kentucky schools are officially closed for the rest of the school year and, with them, cafeteria meals many families rely on. In Oldham County, buses are still being fired up each weekday, as workers deliver a different kind of precious cargo.

1,200 meals per day – breakfast and lunch – are delivered Monday through Friday to families; many of whom rely on school meals during the year. According to the district, all employees have been retained. Some, like bus driver Heather Hayden, have happily given their time to help with the effort.

“Everything’s shut down but love is never closed, she said from the driver’s seat before leaving to make her deliveries Wednesday. “Being able to love on this community and these kids who desperately need these resources, it’s an honor.”

In addition to the delivery meals, four locations are set up to give out 1,800 meals to families who can drive to them. District spokesperson Lori McDowell says the meals are available to any Oldham County family with children under 18, regardless of their enrollment in school.