Veteran Reacts to Flag Burning, Looting Across Country

LOUISVILLE, Ky – Veterans fought and sacrificed to give the American people the right to protest. 

But, some of the images like flag burning and looting have frustrated veterans like Jeremy Harrell.

“It was really sort of a kick in the face for all of those people who put their lives on the line to fight for our rights back home,” said Harrell, who serves as the founder and CEO for the Veteran’s Club in Kentucky.

Veterans in Kentucky have reached out to Harrell to tell them of their intention to help deescalate tensions between police and protestors. Harrell said his brothers and sisters fought for them to protest in a peaceful fashion. He encourages people to do the right thing and to ignore the actions of anarchists.

“I ask that you ignore that because all that is going to do is overshadow the reason you’re out there protesting,” said Harrell. “It will overshadow the point you’re trying to make and the changes you’re trying to make in America and in our city,” he added.

Harrell encourages people to exercise their right to vote, which is another great conduit for change. 

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