July 2019 Set Global Records, A Look Ahead to July 2020

If you watched the Women’s World Cup in France last summer you may remember the weather was as big of a deal as the U.S. Women’s National team becoming the world champions. Players endured extreme heat with temperatures often higher than 100 degrees in the afternoon. 

In fact, France recorded its hottest temperature on record at 114 degrees Fahrenheit. NOAA scientists confirmed the following month that July 2019 was not just the hottest July on record, but the hottest month globally ever recorded. 

What You Need To Know

  • July 2019 was the hottest July on record globally.
  • Ohio has dealt with recent record heat in July.
  • July 2020 could topple more heat records.

Looking at the numbers closer to home, many of our warmer Julys have had us sweltering in recent years. You don’t have to look that far back to find some record heat for Ohio in the month of July. Here’s a look back at our top 3 current warmest Julys for Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati on record.

The top two spots for Columbus and Cleveland happened in 2012. For Columbus, July 2012 recorded a monthly mean average temperature of 80.5 degrees, making it their warmest July on record. 

At first glance these numbers may not seem that warm or hot but compare them to the “normal” monthly mean average temperature and most averages are a good five degrees above normal.

In 2012, Cleveland recorded a monthly temperature of 78 degrees making it the second hottest July on record. 1955 holds the current record with an average temperature of 79 degrees. 

For Cincinnati, July 2012 was sixth hottest on record. The #1 spot is 1901 with an average temperature of 82.3 degrees.

What’s in Store for July 2020?

The Climate Prediction Center has released its outlook for July 2020 and most of the country has an increased chance at seeing above average warmth. 

For most of Ohio, there is a 40% chance for above average temperatures. There is about a 33% chance for above average temperatures in the southwest corner of the state.

The CPC’s outlook shows the heat is particularly noticeable in New England and the southwest U.S. Even Alaska will continue to see way above average temps as well as the Summer season gets underway.

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