Aspiring Eagle Scout Honors the Forgotten

BOONE COUNTY, Ky. — A Northern Kentucky boy scout is spending his weekends working to earn his Eagle Scout rank.

Liam Collins, 15, uncovered a lost cemetery just about a year ago.

“I looked in here and there was almost the exact same view where you could barely see anything at all except we managed to spot Lesley Sparrow’s one grave,” Collins said.

Sparrow’s grave, which at the moment is tucked away in layers of shrubs, bushes, and weed is what piqued his interest. Soon, Collins started researching the name of Lesley Sparrow.

“Her grave is made of street-sign material and she was a murder victim from Richwood,” Collins said.

Sparrow’s death remains unsolved. She died at 35 in 1979 after being found dead in the trunk of her car at a hotel in Richwood, Kentucky. Boone County Sheriff’s  records indicate she was shot several times and sustained blunt force trauma.

But in this forgotten cemetery in Boone County, Sparrow is the only grave marked.

“It’s not how I would want to be remembered and I don’t think it’s how she would want to be remembered either,” Collins said.

The cemetery dates back to the 1860’s and the Boone County Planning Commission estimates that at least 100 people have been buried unmarked graves.

“I tried to find records. There was one guy who had a journal with burials but it was very hard to read cuz it was handwritten and basically in cursive or manuscript,” Collins said.

Now the teenager is making it his mission for next four weekends to spruce up the historic site with the help of friends and family.

“It looked forgotten and I like to make sure people are remembered after their death and I feel like everybody whether you’re poor or rich or whatever in life, you deserved to be remembered after death,” Collins said.

Collins will replace the marker with a tombstone and will install a plaque to remember those in unmarked graves.

The Boy Scout member will be able to submit his project in efforts to earn his Eagle Scout rank.