Sweet Peaches: How Coronavirus Forced the Company to Change

LEXINGTON, Ky. — A peach company is continuing to deliver peaches and joy to others across twelve states on a tour. The coronavirus has made their job a little harder, but not impossible.

The Peach Truck started back in 2012 when Stephen Rose, the owner of the company, moved from Georgia to Nashville and wanted to share the taste of peaches from back home. 

Every summer since then, from the beginning of May through the first week of August the peach truck tour goes through 12 different states with more than 400 stops. With all the traveling, the peach truck staff has had to make changes to their normal routines by asking customers to preorder their peaches and asking that customers wear a mask when coming to pick them up.

“It’s a situation we have not taken lightly. And that’s the main reason we want to preorder, was to control the number of people that can come out to make the lines. We hardly ever have lines, you know, we’ve had great protocols where we station people six feet apart. We all wear masks and gloves and we sanitize.” Tour Director, Johnny Ellett said. 

Their next stop will be in Louisville in the first week of August.