Hurricane Preparedness: One Simple Way to Be Prepared for Severe Weather

NORTH CAROLINA — Severe weather, like tornadoes, can occur any time of the year and any time of day or night in North Carolina. 

We should all have a severe weather plan before storms threaten.

One simple way that you can prepare for severe weather is to make sure you have a way to receive weather warnings.  We will always pass those along if you are watching Weather on the 1s and Spectrum News.  However, if you are away from your TV, aren’t watching the Spectrum News app, or if storms threaten while you are sleeping, you may not hear those alerts.

There is a way though that you can still get life saving warnings even in the middle of the night.  Check the settings on your smartphone right now and make sure Wireless Emergency Alerts are turned on.  That will sound an alarm when a Tornado Warning of Flash Flood Warning is issued for your location.  It will even work for where you are if you’re traveling away from home.

The settings may be a bit different depending on your wireless carrier and your device.  Here’s where you can find more information on how to make sure they are working on your smartphone:

In addition to the Wireless Emergency Alerts, every home should have a NOAA Weather Radio.  These can be purchased from most electronic stores and will sound an alarm when a warning is issued for your county.  Make sure you have one with a battery back up feature so that it will still work even during a power outage.