NOAA: January 2020 was the Warmest Ever Recorded on the Planet

There’s even more evidence of our warming climate. 

NOAA released their January global temperature report this week and it shows last month was the warmest January ever recorded on earth. That is based on 141 years of global climate data.

The four warmest Januaries on the planet have all occurred since 2016.

For the continental United States, January 2020 was the fifth warmest on record. Every state had above average temperatures for the month.

Around the world, record warmth was reported in Scandinavia, Asia, the Indian Ocean, the central and western Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and Central and South America.

There is a near unanimous consensus among peer-reviewed climate scientists that humans are the leading cause of the warming climate on the planet through the emission of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide.

Climate science has linked the warming climate to more extreme weather including intense hurricanes that produce heavier rain and severe droughts and longer wildfire seasons in other parts of the world.