A White Christmas is Not What it’s Cracked Up to Be

‘Tis the season…

The season when many start dreaming (and wishing) for a white Christmas.

A Christmas with snow has been made famous by so many holiday songs, movies, and TV specials.

But is a white Christmas all it’s cracked up to be?

Now, before you call me a Scrooge or a Grinch, hear me out.

Here’s a list of what happens when we get wintry weather around Christmas.

1. Travel Problems-  Be it travel by car or plane, winter weather always impacts holiday travel.

2. Utility Issues- Winter systems tend to cause utility issues with power, cable, internet, and cell phones.

3. More Folks Have to Work-  DOT, Emergency Services, Utility Workers, TV Meteorologist, think of all the people who might be scheduled off for a sunny Christmas, now have to work during a snowy Christmas.

4. Package Deliveries-  If there are transportation issues, those gifts you ordered online, might not make it to you by Christmas Day.

I’ve seen all this first hand in my 30 plus years in the weather biz.

Now, the odds of a white Christmas for central and eastern North Carolina are fairly low but they do happen.

I was in Asheville in December 1993.  Christmas that year was on a Saturday. The Monday before Christmas we had six to eight inches of snow followed by very cold temperatures.

Stores could not open due to poor road conditions and later in the week when they could open, they had to close early due to re-freeze.  So last minute shopping became a big issue.

BTW, I’ve seen two white Christmas’ in my life. This was the first one. The second was in 1998. Both were in Asheville.

In central North Carolina during Christmas of 1998, there was ice, which caused power outages for parts of the Triangle and Triad. No power for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day equals no fun.

In 2004, a winter storm made its way into central and eastern North Carolina the day after Christmas.  This caused people to cut their holiday visits short and head home early due to the impending snow event.  My producer was actually in a car accident on I-95 trying to get to work that day.

And of course, there was Christmas 2010…  A lot of people who were scheduled to be off that Christmas, had to go to work.  This meteorologist was one of them!

I can tell you first hand…  Looking out a hotel window Christmas night, watching it snow, is pretty depressing.

Even the coast of North Carolina is not immune to a wintry Christmas.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of a white Christmas along our coast.  A blizzard dropped a foot of snow from Wilmington to the Outer Banks just before Christmas (December 22-24, 1989).

Now I’ll admit snow looks great on Christmas decorations and it really sets the mood for the holiday season but it also comes with a price.

So if we can have snow on Christmas that doesn’t stick to the roads, doesn’t cause utility issues, allows for all modes of transportation to not be impacted, AND allows those people listed above to be off-  I’m all in!!!

But what are the odds of that?  The odds of a white Christmas are greater!

So here’s to a green Christmas!!!  Ba Humbug!