Directory Helps Louisville Immigrants Learn More About Their New City

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — For immigrants in Louisville, a new tool will help them navigate and find resources in their new city. 

What You Need To Know

  • Louisville Office of Globalization launches Global Louisville Directory
  • Directory includes resources for immigrants and promotes immigrant-owned businesses
  • Directory is available online

Louisville Metro Government’s Office for Globalization, part of Louisville Forward, is launching the new Global Louisville Directory. The directory will include resources such as career pathways, business development resources and more. It will also promote immigrant-owned businesses and entrepreneurs, skilled professionals and community organizations who are focused on the city’s immigrant communities. 

“Louisville is a growing city greatly impacted by the diverse group of immigrants who’ve chosen Louisville as their new home and who share their cultures with us every day. The Global Louisville Directory further allows us to recognize and support the entrepreneurial spirit that many in our immigrant communities bring to our city,” said Sabeen Nasim, director of the Office of Globalization.

The directory, which has been in talks since November 2019, is part of the Louisville Welcoming Economies Pilot, a partnership with nonprofit and nonpartisan Welcoming America, which provided technical assistance on the project. Welcoming America also named Louisville as a “Certified Welcoming” city in 2018.

“The Global Louisville Directory is an example of the kind of practice that all cities can learn from as they strive to help all residents, including new Americans, feel at home. The Directory is a creative solution that facilitates accessibility for language-diverse Louisvillians looking to open a business, learn English, find a job or health services, engage in civics, or share their cuisine with the community, while affirming the importance of interconnectedness and creating a new avenue to boost small business at a time when both are sorely needed,” said Rachel Peric, executive director of Welcoming America.

The directory is personalized to the needs of the international community and is available in eight different languages; however, the Office of Globalization is working to add more languages and list more businesses, organizations and services.

The Office of Globalization will also host workshops throughout the upcoming year to address the needs of foreign-born entrepreneurs and skilled professionals as part of the Louisville Welcoming Economies Pilot. The workshops will help attendees reassess and redesign their business and leadership models during the pandemic.