‘Get on the tube!’ | Norris Lake swimmers rescue stranded deer fawn

TENNESSEE, USA — A family was cruising Norris Lake when they came upon a heartbreaking sight – a baby deer struggling to stay afloat in the middle channel. 

Norris Lake boater David Cunningham said his daughter Chloe and her friend Mackenzie acted fast to help save it.


The duo managed to coax the hesitant fawn onto their tube. 

“The girls dove in to rescue the fawn. They managed to get it on the float behind our boat and took it to the shore,” Cunningham told 10News. “The fawn was exhausted, but seemed okay after getting on land. It did not seem hurt at all, but just tired.” 

At that point, the family said they had to leave the fawn ashore, and hoped for the best. While they aren’t sure why the baby deer was swimming alone in the middle of the lake, Cunningham said he is proud of the girls for their compassion and brains in a scary situation. 

“Proud of these girls and their heart,” he told 10News.