Kentucky Blood Center In Need Of Donations

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Summer is typically the hardest season for blood centers to collect blood donations, and this is no exception for the Kentucky Blood Center this summer, especially with the virus. 

What You Need To Know

  • Summer is typically tough for blood donations
  • Kentucky and the nation are seeing blood shortages
  • Donors must wear masks during donations
  • Appointments are being taken for blood and plasma donations

Kentucky is not the only state seeing a blood shortage. The nation as a whole has taken a big hit when it comes to blood and plasma donations in the last few months. 

“Right now we’re seeing this kind of across the country, which also makes it harder because you can’t get the blood from somewhere else. I mean if everybody’s in the same boat and dealing with these shortages, then it’s very hard for us to even rely on our fellow blood centers for help” Vice President of external relations for the Kentucky Blood Center, Mandy Brajuha said. 

Making sure to comply with state regulations, they have made a few changes to the process of donating blood. One of the big changes is that donors are required to schedule appointments online, to make sure they are keeping everyone at least 6 feet apart. All donors are required to wear a mask while donating.

“There’s no substitute for human blood and so when a patient goes to the hospital. The blood on the shelves is what’s going to save their lives so if that blood hasn’t been donated here several days before that, processed and sent out to the hospitals that it’s not there for the patients who need it.” Brajuha said.

All six Kentucky Blood Centers are open and accepting appointments for both blood and plasma donations. If anyone would like more information about how they can help, they can go to the website.