NEOWISE Dimming, Delta Aquarids Peaks Later This Month

As comet NEOWISE gets dimmer in the night sky, the Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower is gradually nearing its peak.

What You Need To Know

  • The NEOWISE comet is becoming dimmer in the night sky
  • The Delta Aquarids meteor shower will be visible through late August
  • It will be able to be viewed from a dark location after midnight

The peak of the meteor shower will be the night of July 28-29, but some of these so-called “shooting stars” will already be visible streaking across the night sky. These streaks of light are not stars at all, but rather debris from the comets Marsden and Kracht that burn up as they enter Earth’s atmosphere. For the best viewing, find a dark area after midnight. The meteors will originate from the constellation Aquarius, but can be seen anywhere in the night sky. 

At peak, in ideal viewing conditions, between 10-20 meteors will be visible. However, this event does favor the Southern Hemisphere, but can still be seen in mid-Northern latitudes.

Also working against us is the moon. It will be in its second quarter phase, blocking many of the fainter meteors. The brightest ones will still be visible. 

The Delta Aquarids will be visible through August 23, overlapping with the Perseid shower, which peaks in mid-August.