LMPD Plans for Weekend Protests. What You Need to Know

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — As several militia groups plan to protest in Louisville this weekend, the Louisville Metro Police Department announced several road closures downtown and other changes.

What You Need To Know

  • Opposing militia groups plan protests in Louisville this weekend
  • LMPD plans to increase police presence around Jefferson Square Park
  • Police also announce road closures, other changes

There will be increased police presence around Jefferson Park, a location where many protests have taken place. As well, LMPD will secure two areas, using bike rack barriers, to keep opposing protesters separated. The buffer zone will be on 5th Street.

“LMPD remains committed to peaceful expression of views under the First Amendment. As we have done for several weeks, there will be no need for police intervention as long as there is no threat to personal or public safety,” said a news release from LMPD. “We will not allow the barricading of streets by non-law enforcement, impeding traffic, or attempting to threaten or force people not involved in the protests from their intended destination.” 

In addition, LMPD will prohibit parking at all parking meters on the streets surround Jefferson Square Park.

Police announced several road closures, all beginning at 8 a.m.:

  • Jefferson Street between 4th and 7th streets;
  • Liberty Street between 5th and 7th streets;
  • 5th Street between Market Street and Muhammad Ali; and
  • 6th Street between Market and Liberty streets.

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