A Celestial Triangle in the Thursday Evening Sky

If your skies are clear on Thursday evening, you’re in for a celestial treat, as the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn form a triangle in the southeastern sky.

What You Need To Know

  • The Moon meets up with Jupiter and Saturn on Thursday night
  • Best viewing will be Thursday evening before the trio slip below the horizon
  • As a bonus, Mars is bright and visible to the left of the “Celestial Triangle”

Over the past few months our Moon has been passing by Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars as it makes its way around the Earth every twenty-seven days.

But, this pass during October will be a little more special as the Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn form a right triangle.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Though this trio of celestial objects will look close in the Thursday evening sky, they are actually millions of miles apart.

Right now, the ringed planet, Saturn, is just under a billion (that’s right, billion with a B) miles from Earth. Its closest neighbor, Jupiter, is currently just under a half-billion (that’s right, billion with a B again) miles from Earth.

Now in contrast, our Moon is roughly “only” a mere quarter-million (that’s million with an M) miles away at this time.

As an added star-watching treat, look to the left of the “triangle” to see the planet Mars on Thursday evening. It will be the bright, reddish object in the evening sky.