7 Days Away: Your Election Day Forecast

Election Day is a week away, and it appears the weather is going to cooperate for us. At this point, we ought to get plentiful sunshine across the Commonwealth with pleasant temperatures, too.

Best Time to Vote

Louisville: If you’d rather leave the jacket at home, go to your polling place in the afternoon.

Lexington: It’s all a matter of your weather preference – do you prefer crisper air? Go in the morning.

Bowling Green: Sunshine should boost highs to the upper 50s, so vote in the afternoon if you want to enjoy that.

Covington: There’ll be a little chill in the air early on, so lunchtime or later will be better to avoid that.

Did You Know?

Wet weather greeted parts of the Commonwealth in the 2016 election. Georgetown, which is just north of Lexington, picked up the highest total at 0.30”.

Voting Early?

Showers are possible today, mainly over northern Kentucky.