From Record Warmth to the First Flakes in One Week

We have certainly had our fair share of weather whiplash over the past week here in central New York.

What You Need To Know

  • Big weather changes have taken place in the past week
  • Temperatures in the 80s are not completely uncommon in October
  • Another warm-up is in store next week

The old maxim is still very true—if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes, and it will change.

In Syracuse, we reached a record high of 81 just last Friday! This record broke the old record of 77, set back in 1991.

By Saturday, temperatures dropped dramatically. We reached a high of 69 that day just after midnight, eventually cooling down to 38 degrees just before midnight Sunday.

Temperatures in the 80s are not uncommon in October, believe it or not.

In Syracuse, while the average last day of 80-plus degree heat is September 30, we have recorded temperatures at or above 80 as late as November 7.

By Friday, we were talking about some of the first snowflakes of the season across portions of our area.

There were reports of measurable snow south and east of the city of Syracuse, as expected.

On average, Syracuse does see a half-inch of snow during October. However, this is from data for the area going back to 1902.

The most October snow we have ever picked up was 5.7 inches in 1988.

We know from a previous blog that the average first measurable snowfall of the season doesn’t occur until November 6, but the earliest measurable snowfall happened on October 1, 1946.

The bottom line is snow isn’t entirely rare in October in our part of the world.

Our volatile period of weather isn’t over yet, either.

Late next week, our highs look to warm back up into the 60s, above average for this time of year.

One thing is for sure as we approach winter: be ready for any type of weather.