Cats and Cars in Cold Weather

As the cold winter months approach, an uninvited furry guest may try to catch a ride in your car or truck.

What You Need To Know

  • Cats tuck themselves near a vehicle’s engine to seek shelter from the cold
  • Tapping on the hood and checking between the tires is a good practice to avoid injuring cats
  • Make sure outdoor shelters for your pets are adequate for survival during the cold weather months

Cats are known to seek out any warm space they can find. One of those spaces is a car engine. Sadly, this warm and cozy shelter can turn deadly to our feline friends once the car starts.

Neighborhood and feral cats could be hiding in your car overnight and through the chilly early mornings. It’s suggested during cold mornings before you drive off to tap or pound on your car before you start it.

Also, it’s a good idea to check underneath your car to see if cats are hiding there. Honking your car or truck’s horn is also a way to wake up sleeping cats under or in your engine. It gives them time to escape.

After making plenty of noise, make sure to give the cat time to run away. Cats can tuck themselves into some pretty tight spaces and may need a little extra time to wiggle out.

By doing these precautions, you can help keep cats safe during the cold weather months.

Other steps you can take to keep cats safe during the cold weather months include:

  • Keep antifreeze out of reach and clean up any spills
  • Don’t use salt and chemical melting products to combat ice
  • Shovel out cat shelters when snow falls

Make sure outdoor sheltering for cats, dogs, and any outdoor pet is properly built, has warm bedding, and has adequate food and water.