Lost wallet returned to NC woman, along with a note that will restore your faith in humanity

If you lost your wallet, you’d probably think you’d never see it again. Luckily, for Tiffany Robertson, the right person found hers.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — A Greensboro woman is counting her blessings after a run-in with a good Samaritan – and a note.

Tiffany Robertson recently lost her wallet and thought she’d never see it – or any of its contents, again.

Until she got a call from her bank.

Someone turned in her wallet and everything inside.

“They dropped the note with the wallet. I was crying, it just made my day and my year to not have to go through all that stress,” Robertson said.

The letter read in part, “Hi, Tiffany, I found your wallet in the parking lot. I called your bank and dropped it off to them. I hope that you will get your wallet back very soon. P.S. I know that you are a special person because we share the same birthday. I am exactly 10 years younger than you.”

Robertson was determined to thank the person who turned it in.

She took to a Facebook group with thousands of other moms. In just an hour, with the power of social media, she was able to track her down. The two connected online.

“It was amazing…there are good people in the world,” Robertson said.

Robertson eventually wants to meet the good Samaritan in person.

She’s hoping, after the pandemic, she’ll be able to take her to coffee as a thank you.