Keep These “Roadway Reminders for Winter Weather” in Mind When Driving This Winter

KENTUCKY — As the season’s first band of snow approaches the commonwealth, Kentucky State Police (KSP) has advised motorists to prepare themselves for driving in winter weather situations.

What You Need To Know

  • Kentucky is expecting its first snow of the season Sunday evening
  • Kentucky State Police urged motorists to be prepared for wintry driving conditions
  • KSP developed a list of helpful items drivers should keep in their cars during the winter
  • List includes phone chargers, blankets, jumper cables, and a collapsible shovel

KSP Spokesman Sgt. Billy Gregory said drivers should start rethink their driving habits — slowing down, leaving more space between cars, and stocking their car with essential supplies just in case they encounter a worst-case scenario.

“While we can never completely predict what the forecast will be, it is a great time for citizens to prepare for the winter driving season,” Gregory said.

In fact, KSP developed a list of items drivers should keep in their vehicles before the snow rolls in. This includes a winter weather kit with items such as a cell phone charger, blankets, first-aid kit, jumper cables, windshield scraper, collapsible shovel, and a flashlight with batteries.

“We are asking that you plan ahead and be patient as motorists navigate through this first wintery mix,” Gregory said. “Today is a great opportunity to put together a kit of weather-related essentials before adverse weather arrives.”

Gregory added that the single best item to protect motorists comes pre-equipped in all modern vehicles — the humble seat belt.

“The best defense in any challenging driving situation is always going to be wearing a seat belt. Make sure you always wear it and that your passengers wear it as well,” he said.

While slick winter roadways are often very formidable, Gregory said motorists should refrain from calling 9-1-1 just for updates on road conditions.

“Every year when winter weather hits, our radio rooms experience an increase of calls from people inquiring about road conditions,” Gregory said. “Each call they receive about these type of inquiries, takes our telecommunicators away from helping callers who are experiencing true emergencies.”

KSP encouraged drivers to check road and weather conditions before traveling by visiting, an online traffic and weather portal operated by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

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Bryce Shreve is a digital producer with Spectrum News 1 KY. He is a recent graduate of Indiana University Southeast and joined the staff in November, 2020.