Fort Boonesborough State Park Closes Campground to Repair Flood Damage

RICHMOND, Ky.- With Spring weather around the corner, the outdoor activities becomes more popular. Unfortunately this year, those outdoor activities will not include the campgrounds at Fort Boonesborough State Park.

What You Need To Know

  • The campgrounds at Fort Boonesborough Park will be closed until August
  • Flooding caused damage to the campground, electrical outlets, and restrooms
  • The state park will open at its regular hours April 7

Will Adams, Deputy Commissioner of Kentucky Department of Parks says being so close to the Kentucky River can be a blessing and a curse. When floodwaters came through the area, Adams says many things got destroyed. 

“And unfortunately all of the electrical pedestals that those campers hook up to were destroyed by the floodwaters. So those will all have to be replaced. On our two bathhouses, one had about six feet of water and the other quite a bit more. So those are going to have to be completely renovated,” Adams said.

Signs guarding the entrance of Fort Boonesborough State Park.

Kentucky State Parks says Fort Boonesborough State Park will be closed until early August. Typically during the April and July months,

Adams says they see around 10,000-11,000 campers on their campgrounds.Adams says during these next few months, crews will be taking the time to repair and hopefully improve their electrical systems and structures.

Electrical damage from floodwaters

“We are going to go back in with a more resilient design that has a removable core to it, so that when the floodwaters come up again because we know with climate change and just proximity to the river, this is not going to be an isolated incident. In the future we’ll be able to just pull those cords out as the waters rise without damaging the sensitive electronics,” Adams said.

Crews are still working on evaluating the amount of damage on the campgrounds, but Adams says the park will reopen next Wednesday, April 7, resuming their regular hours. As of right now, the swimming pool will most likely stay closed for the season, and the campgrounds are planning to reopen August 1.